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All Access is an NJ Ad Club Jersey Award-winning weekly podcast and radio show hosted by State Theatre New Jersey featuring exclusive artist interviews, behind-the-scene stories, and more. The show airs on WCTC 1450 AM on Thursdays from 6pm-7pm, on Oldies 107.9 - WOLD on Fridays from 7pm-8pm, and on WMTR 1250 AM on Saturdays from 11am-12pm and is available on iTunes, SpotifySoundcloud, and Stitcher.

dennis tufano
STNJ Episode 381

All Access chats with Dennis Tufano, a Golden Oldies Spectacular performer, about his early introduction to playing music as a child, how the R&B of Chicago influenced The Buckingham's style, and more! Catch the Golden Oldies Spectacular with Dennis on August 29 at 7pm.

dwight rhoden of complexions contemporary ballet
STNJ Episode 380

All Access had the opportunity to speak with Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director for Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Dwight Rhoden! Dwight chats about the program of Bach to Bowie featuring Bach 25 and StarDust. He also tells us about what he looks for in dancers that join his company, how StarDust is a tribute to David Bowie and his diverse music catalog, and more! Don't miss Complexions Contemporary Ballet at State Theatre on October 1.

bj thomas
STNJ Episode 378

All Access talks with Golden Oldies Spectacular co-headliner, BJ Thomas! BJ chats with us about his acclaimed career, starting out as a teenager in the music industry, and some background on his biggest hits like "Hooked on a Feeling." Don't miss BJ performing in the Golden Oldies Spectacular on August 29 at 7pm!

Chloë Agnew from celtic woman
STNJ Episode 375

On this episode of All Access, we have a conversation with Chloë Agnew of Celtic Woman! Chloë tells us about what you should expect for the Celebration Tour, with songs spanning their 15-year history, how she has been performing in front of large audiences since the age of six, and more! 

sandy deanne of jay & the americans
STNJ Episode 374

All Access chats with Sandy Deanne of Jay & The Americans, one of the headlining groups of our Golden Oldies Spectacular on August 29 at 7pm. Sandy talks about when he knew music was the business for him, wise advice from Tony Bennett, and opening for the Beatles on their first American tour!

marc uys executive director of Princeton symphony orchestra
STNJ Episode 373

Marc Uys, who is the Executive Director of Princeton Symphony Orchestra, chats with All Access about their upcoming BRAVO Percussion Ensemble performance at our Milk & Cookies Series on March 7 at 10am and 12pm, sharing the magic of percussion to young audiences, and so much more.

matthew smith of masterchef junior live
STNJ Episode 372

All Access had the pleasure of speaking with Matthew Smith, a New Jersey native, who is on tour with MasterChef Junior Live as a contestant from Season 7! Matthew talks about how he found his love for cooking at the young age of four, his biggest challenge on the TV competition show MasterChef Junior, and how he's found a new family within the MasterChef community!  MasterChef Junior Live is here on Sun, March 8 at 7pm

blake lewis of a cappella live
STNJ Episode 371

In this episode, All Access speaks with beat-boxer Blake Lewis who is performing in A Cappella Live on March 7. Blake Lewis talks about working with Deke Sharon, the life-changing experience of being on American Idol, and more!

lou christie
STNJ Episode 370

All Access had a chance to speak with Lou Christie, who is featured in the Golden Oldies Spectacular on August 29 at 7pm! Lou chats with Kelly about his current touring schedule, producing his own podcast "It Should Have Been A Hit," and more!

Michael turco from masters of illusion
STNJ Episode 369

Hailing from New Jersey, illusionist Michael Turco of Masters of Illusion, talks with All Access about how he perfected his act, the magicians who inspired him while growing up, and what it's like to be have his own show in Vegas! See Michael perform live on February 28 in Masters of Illusion

niko del rey of the filharmonic
STNJ Episode 368

All Access had the opportunity to speak with one of the talented singers, Niko Del Rey, of the a cappella group The Filharmonic. Niko explains the group's successful history, their experience on the show The Sing-Off, and working with Deke Sharon, and more. Check out The Filharmonic and the other groups performing at A Cappella Live! on March 7 at 8pm!

annette philips of Women of the world
STNJ Episode 367

Meet Annette Philips, singer in Women of the World, who will be performing in A Cappella Live! on March 7. She chats with All Access about the inspiring mission of Women of the World, how they perform in more than 30 languages, and so much more!

geston pierre of Committed
STNJ Episode 366

Geston Pierre from the a cappella group, Committed, sits down with Kelly from All Access to discuss the A Capella Live! tour, how Committed got their start, where their future is headed, and more! See Geston Pierre and Committed perform at A Cappella Live! on SatMarch 7 at 8pm

albert mazibuko of Ladysmith black mambazo
STNJ Episode 365

One of the founding members of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Albert Mazibuko, talks with All Access about his long history with the South African vocal group, working with Paul Simon, and more! Join Albert and  Ladysmith Black Mambazo for a night of dancing, singing, and plenty of peace on Tue, February 4 at 8pm!

mr. ray
STNJ Episode 364

We have always loved having mr. RAY at State Theatre New Jersey, and we had the opportunity to speak with mr. RAY on All Access! mr. RAY tells us about his musical influences, how he writes and creates his music (both for kids and adults), and more! See mr. RAY perform in our Milk & Cookies series on February 8 at 10am and 12pm!

Shawn stockman of boyz ii men
STNJ Episode 363

R&B masters Boyz II Men have been impressing audiences for more than two decades! We sat down with singer Shawn Stockman to discuss the group's longevity, the power of music videos, and their latest movie appearance! See Boyz II Men just in time for Valentine's Day on Thu, February 13 at 8pm!

Paul hammond from Get the led out
STNJ Episode 362

All Access talks with multi-talented guitarist Paul Hammond from Get The Led Out! Paul shares how the band prepares their tours, how his long hair helped score him a spot in the band, and his impressive guitar collection. See Get The Led Out live on February 21 at 8pm!

Chris Komer of the new jersey symphony orchestra
STNJ Episode 361

All Access had the opportunity to speak with New Jersey Symphony Orchestra's principal horn player, Chris Komer. Komer chats about how much John Williams' music has inspired him, the work he has done with NJSO, and how the musicians play an iconic movie score so perfectly over the film! See Chris Komer and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra perform the works of John Williams from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi on February 9!

James williams of the royal philharmonic orchestra
STNJ Episode 360

The Managing Director of London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, James Williams, sits down with All Access to discuss the large undertaking in managing an internationally touring orchestra with 80+ musicians, his talented team of administrators, and more! See Royal Philharmonic Orchestra live on January 11 at 8pm!

Benjamin Cunningham of the royal philharmonic orchestra
STNJ Episode 359

Benjamin Cunningham who is both the Chairman of Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and a double bass player, tells us about their varied program, the piano soloist Khatia Buniatishvili, and his history with classical music! See London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra live on January 11 at 8pm!

Alan bersten of dancing with the stars
STNJ Episode 358

The talented dancer, Alan Bersten, from Dancing with the Stars: Live! joined All Access to speak about winning this year's season, the creation of the live tour, his favorite moments of the show, and so much more! See Alan and more on Sunday, January 19!

Nashka Desrosiers from The Color Purple
STNJ Episode 357

All Access sat down with Nashka Desrosiers who plays Nettie in The Color Purple! Listen in to learn about the character of Nettie, the Grammy®-winning score, and more! The Color Purple brings heart and soul to State Theatre on January 30-February 1.

Mr. Pennygaff of Mr. Pennygaff's Cirkus Sideshow Spectacular
STNJ Episode 356

State Theatre New Jersey is presenting the wonderful Mr. Pennygaff's Cirkus Sideshow Spectacular as part of our Milk & Cookies series on January  11 at 10am and 12pm! We sat down with Mr. Pennygaff himself to discuss the style of the show, his long history in circus performing, and the wide variety of audiences he entertains!

Emma Taylor Schwartz from Fiddler on the Roof
STNJ Episode 355

Joining us today is Emma Taylor Schwartz who plays Shprintze in Fiddler on the Roof! Emma mentions her long history with this production, the magic of the show itself, and more! Fiddler on the Roof brings love, laughter, and spirit to State Theatre New Jersey from Fri, December 20 through Sun, December 22

Erikka Reenstierna-Cates from American Repertory Ballet's Nutcracker
STNJ Episode 354

The talented dancer Erikka Reenstierna-Cates from American Repertory Ballet speaks with us about handling multiple roles, the LARGE cast, and more! Don't miss your chance to see Erikka in Nutcracker on December 13-15. 

corey greenan from jersey boys
STNJ Episode 353

We had a fun time chatting with Corey Greenan who plays Tommy DeVito in Jersey Boys, coming to the State Theatre on December 3-4. Greenan talks with us about the larger than life personality of the iconic Four Seasons member, the audition process, and, of course, the music!

alastair willis from salute to vienna
STNJ Episode 352

This episode we sit down with conductor Alastair Willis who discusses the phenomenal Salute to Vienna production, which returns to the State Theatre for its 14th year on December 31. Willis mentions how this show is full of holiday cheer, the difficulties of conducting such an intricate production, and more!

STNJ Episode 351

Cody Cooley, who plays Squidward Q. Tentacles in The SpongeBob Musical on November 29 through December 1, chats with us about the cast, his collegiate ties to NJ, and his surprise tap dance number!

Lorenzo Pugliese from The SpongeBob Musical
STNJ Episode 350

We had the exciting chance to speak with Lorenzo Pugliese who plays SpongeBob SquarePants in The SpongeBob Musical on November 29-December 1!  Lorenzo chats about his feelings on playing the iconic and beloved character on stage, the star-studded music produced for the show, and more!

kevin maccullum from city stomp
STNJ Episode 344

In this interview with talk with Kevin MacCallum, a member of the kid's rock band City Stomp as he talks about City Stomp's fun original songs and introducing kids to sounds and musical styles that they may not otherwise hear. City Stomp perfroms live  on December 7 for two performances as part of the State Theatre's Milk & Cookies.

Matt Haimovitz
STNJ Episode 343

On this episode of All Access we talk with renowned cellist Matt Haimovitz about his career playing in big halls to small clubs and everything in between to his upcoming appearance with his close friend, pianist Navah Perlman on November 17, 2019.

sarah farzam, founder of bilingual birdies
STNJ Episode 341

In this interview with talk with Sarah Farzam, the Founder of Bilingual Birdies. Since 2007, this group of talented musicians have been successfully teaching Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English(ESL) through live music, movement, dance, puppetry, and theatre-based games. Now, the Bilingual Birdies make their way to New Brunswick on November 2 for two performances as part of the State Theatre's Milk & Cookies.

Julie pasqual
STNJ Episode 340

Storyteller Julie Pasqual returns to the State Theatre for the Milk & Cookies series on October 5, 2019. We chatted with Julie about how she selects the stories she shares, clowning around as an actual clown, and her travels around the world.

STNJ Episode 337

Navah Perlman is one of the most celebrated pianists of her generation. On this episode of All Access we chat with Navah (daughter of renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman) about her career, family, and meeting cellist Matt Haimovitz—to whom she performs with at The State on November 17—when they were just 11 year old kids in music school. 

George lopez
STNJ Episode 336

Comedian George Lopez returns to the State Theatre on September 21! In this episode of All Access, we chat with George about the staying power of his sitcom TV show (George Lopez), his movie career (including working with Christopher Walken), and hitting the road for his new comedy tour. 

Chubby Checker
STNJ Episode 334

Relive the classic music of the 1960s with the Rock and Roll Spectacular on Nov 2! Headlining this event is the legendary Chubby Checker, who chats with us about how he acquired his famous nickname from Bob Hope's wife and how "The Twist" has influenced music and dance over the decades.

Marty Tudor of BASE Hologram
STNJ Episode 333

Thanks to new technology ,rock and roll pioneers Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly perform on stage together for the first time as holograms as part of the Rock 'N' Roll Dream Tour on November 12! CEO of Base Hologram, Marty Tudor, joins us to discuss how he initially got into the business of blending music and science and how it's evolved over the years to what it is today!

James Francies of BLue Note Records
STNJ Episode 332

Pianist James Francies is “a force on the ground in New York...he’s a pianist with liquid dynamism in his touch" says the New York Times, and he is one of the performers with the Blue Note 80th Anniversary Tour on November 6. He chats with us about how he first became interested in music and how his synesthesia works with him when he's composing. 

Joel Hodgson
STNJ Episode 331

The hilarious Peabody Award-winning hit TV comedy is coming to New Brunswick on October 26 with an all-new Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live: The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour! Original host Joel Hodgson chats with us about how MST3K got started as the cheapest show they could possibly make and how the rehearsal process works.

James Carter of Blue Note Records
STNJ Episode 330

Celebrate Blue Note’s 80th Anniversary with an intimate concert event on November 6 featuring Kandace Springs (vocalist, keyboards), James Francies (piano), and James Carter (saxophone)! Carter joins us to chat about how he knew from the beginning that jazz and saxophone specifically were going to be his life and the turns he took along the way.

Frank Reina of The Capris
STNJ Episode 328

The Capris are just one of the awesome Doo-Wop acts joining us on November 2 for the Rock and Roll Spectacular. Original member Frank Reina chats with us about what it was like getting started as a group and how they had a hit single basically by accident!

James LaBrie of Dream Theater
STNJ Episode 327

State Theatre presents Dream Theater live in concert as they kick off their American tour on October 11! Vocalist James LaBrie joins us to discuss what it's like putting together an album and how awesome it is to be touring Scenes From a Memory 20 years later!

Kandace Springs of Blue Notes Records
STNJ Episode 326

Celebrate Blue Note’s 80th Anniversary with an intimate concert event on November 6th. One of the artists, Kandace Springs, is a Nashville based singer, songwriter, and pianist. She joins us to chat about her upcoming album as well as what it was like performing with Prince!

Justin Scribner - Associate Director for Once on This Island
STNJ Episode 324

Winner of the 2018 Tony® Award for Best Revival of a Musical, Once on This Island will be at The State June 5-7, 2020. Associate Director Justin Scribner joins us to chat about recreating this incredible show in a very contemporary setting and some of the surprises the audience can expect along the way.

Kim Craven, Cats Associate Choreographer
STNJ Episode 321

Audiences and critics alike are rediscovering this beloved musical with breathtaking music, Cats, coming to State Theatre New Jersey May 8-10. Associate Choreographer Kim Craven discusses what it was like working with Andy Blankenbuehler on re-inventing the show and her transition from the ballet world to the musical theater world.

Matt DiCarlo, Tour Director for The Play That Goes Wrong
STNJ Episode 316

What would happen if Sherlock Holmes and Monty Python had an illegitimate Broadway baby? You’d get The Play That Goes Wrong, coming to State Theatre New Jersey April 2-4, 2020. Tour Director and Rutgers Alumni Matt DiCarlo chats with us about how he's been with the production almost since the beginning and just how much planning goes into things going wrong each show.

To listen to all of our previous episodes, visit our Soundcloud page!

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