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Cultural stories of the South Pacific told through raw finesse, unique beauty, and power. Music with Samoan roots infused with Bach and hip-hop. Choreography that is inspired by strong athleticism yet nuanced to show subtleties. Is there really a better way to rejuvenate your palate? Don’t believe us? Check their lineup below to see just how serious we are. Straight from New Zealand; Black Grace will engage in intensely rhythmic dance on April 21, 2017 at 8pm

Minoi (premiered 1999)

“Minoi” will take you on a delightful journey as it incorporates traditional Samoan dance style known as Fa’ataupati, or slap dance, and western contemporary dance. Choreographed by the founding member of Black Grace; Neil Ieremia, this dance reflects on childhood memories and an innocent time. 

Pati Pati (premiered 2009)

“Pati Pati” is a more traditional and ritualistic dance that showcases elements of traditional Pacific dance. This dance is meant to take fa'ataupati further and expose the audience to a more expansive movement vocabulary. 

Crying Men–Excerpt (premiered 2017)

This dance will dive into the world of masculinity through the lens of the Pacific culture. The thrilling piece will explore the challenges today’s man faces and it questions the expectations and meaning of a “real man.” 

Mother Mother (premiered 2013)

The last dance of the first half, “Mother Mother” is a dance that everyone can identify with. Dedicated to Ieremia’s mother and all the other unsung heroes of our society, this piece is sure to strike a chord in your heart. 

As Night Falls (premiered 2016)

“As Night Falls” is an emotional reaction to heartbreaking stories around the world; the stories of war, death, economic struggle, brutality, and hate. Created by Ieremia, this dance is essentially a ray of hope in a place of disdain and an exchange of “beauty for ashes, oil of joy for mourning, a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness.”

Black Grace offers an exceptional perspective on Pacific culture through traditional storytelling. There are exhilarating dances that are at the epitome of power and there are also dances that are emotional and sensitive. Listen to our interview with dancer Sean Macdonald to learn even ore about tehe pieces.  State Theatre New Jersey invites you renew and refresh your pallet with the power of live on April 21, 2017 at 8pm

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