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Jersey Boys by the Numbers

There is so much work that goes into a Broadway show.  Not only what you see on stage but  everything that happens behind the scenes to create the magic you eventually see. Jersey Boys is no exception; check out these fun facts and figures!

Frankie Camp
Did you know there is a Frankie Camp?! Yes, that's right folks, due to the demand of what it takes to perform in a show as Frankie Valli...performing 30 songs in a high falsetto all the while acting out the ages of 14-70...Frankie Camp has become part of the audition process. Once or twice a year there is a "Frankie Camp" to bring in a group of guys (all 5’9” or shorter) who are being considered to play Frankie. These actors spend three days with a choreographer, a vocal supervisor, and a dance supervisor. After those three days, the supervisors decide who makes the cut!

Frankie Camp

The Company

  • 49 people in the traveling company.
  • 19 actors - 14 tracks onstage, 1 Frankie Alternate, 4 swings, 7 musicians (incl. Conductor), many of whom appear on stage.
  • Management - 3 stage managers, 2 company managers
  • Crew - 4 carpenters, 2 props, 3 electrics, 2 sound, 3 wardrobe, 2 hair

 The Music

  • The Four Seasons sold 175 million records worldwide—all before they were 30-years-old. 
  • 33 songs in the show, including five #1 hits, and 11 songs that made Billboard’s top ten.
  • 19 hit songs by The Four Seasons or Frankie Valli didn’t make it into the show, and are listed in the playbill as “The Ones That Got Away” (including 4 top ten hits).
  • As the musical traces the origins of the group when they performed songs written by other groups, the songs in the show represent work by 34 songwriters, including Otis Blackwell, Dorothy Fields, Louis Prima, and Judy Parker. Most of the hits of The Four Seasons were written by original member of The Four Seasons Bob Gaudio and their producer/lyricist, Bob Crewe.

 The Costumes

  • 196 total costumes/looks in the show, incl. some vintage suits, ties, and dresses.
  • Tommy has 12 costume changes, Nick has 11, Frankie has 15, and Bob has 10.
  • Frankie runs through 1 pair of pants each week, with repairs every other day. (He slides on his knees in the number “Beggin’ & ‘Marianne”)

Jersey Boys

 The Sound

  • Despite being on a moving and rotating drum platform, all 11 microphones on the drum kit are hard wired.
  • The full sound system includes 60 speakers.
  • Over 2 miles of cabling are run in each venue to connect all of the sound system.
  • Every signal travels at the speed of light across more than 700 feet of fiber optic cabling connecting 2 different sound consoles
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