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What if you were told that your imagination is among the most powerful things you will ever own? Imagination may inanimate, but did you know that it can serve as a main frame data-base, time machine, and a thermostat all at once? As a data-base, it stores invaluable information that can be used for revolutionary ideas. As a time-machine, it can take you back to fond memories and bring you fun, laughter, and joy. And as a thermostat, it can regulate thoughts, transform attitudes and behavior, and it can solve problems, or create them. Come experience this phenomenon for yourself on March 18 with Mummenschanz.

It is remarkable what a person can do with so little. And in theater, who better to prove this than our tried and true Mummenschanz? The world-renowned visual theater ensemble returns to the State Theatre New Jersey with their surprisingly minimal, yet highly imaginative set. Mummenschanz’s “you and me” is a very personal show that is somehow versatile enough to be left to interpretation. It is a show with no music, no words, only visuals. Boring? Far from it. In “you and me,” shadow, light, and inventive objects come together almost magically, sparking emotion and delving into the human condition. Mummenschanz has mastered the art of resonating with all age groups and cultural backgrounds.

The Switzerland-based group began as a mime trio in the 1970’s. They used traditional mime masks and movement, and found that they could not connect with audiences. According to co-founder Floriana Frasetto, “no one could speak Marcel Marceau,” an art form and type of sign-language coined after famous mime Marcel Marceau. Eventually the group changed its stripes for a chance to experiment with new objects and art forms.

Mummenschanz now uses acrobatic movement and larger than life props that tell even bigger messages. The skits are relatable, telling stories of friendship, love, connection, communication barriers and misunderstandings between individuals, and strength and motivation. “You and Me,” specifically focuses on love, joy, and connection. Skits range from playful to poetic and are appropriate for all ages. Mummenschanz’ unique methods allow enough time and space for viewers to process, reflect, and personalize the stories told, maximizing their experience and impact. You can see Mummenschanz perform  “you and me” at State Theatre New Jersey on Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 7pm.

By Mariam Ishak

Family Series Lead Sponsor: Investors Bank

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