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How well do you know Finding Neverland?

Get ready to take flight with the cast of Finding Neverland at State Theatre New Jersey! The show will be soaring to State Theatre New Jersey’s stage March 22 and March 23. Test your knowledge of this stunning musical by taking the quiz below! (Answers are at the bottom)
1.      What is the name of J.M. Barrie’s wife?
a)      Sylvia
b)     Mary
c)      Emily
d)     Rebecca
2.      Where did J.M. Barrie first meet Sylvia and her boys?
a)      At one of his plays
b)     At his wife's cottage
c)      In the park
d)     At his house
3.      Which of Sylvia's sons can J.M. Barrie relate with most?
a)      Peter
b)     Jack
c)      Michael
d)     George
4.      Who gave J.M. Barrie the inspiration for the character Captain Hook?
a)      Sylvia’s mother
b)     His wife
c)      Sylvia
d)     Charles Frohman
5.       Who gave J.M. Barrie the inspiration for the alligator in the story of Peter Pan?
a)      Sylvia’s mother – Mrs. Du Maurier
b)     His wife
c)      Sylvia
d)     Charles Frohman
6.      Peter wrote a play?
a)      True
b)     False
 7.      Where did J.M. Barrie get his inspiration for Peter Pan?
a)      His childhood
b)     His adventures with the boys
c)      His marriage
d)     His neighborhood
8.      What was the name of James's brother?
a)      John
b)     Matthew
c)      David
d)     Peter
9.      What is J.M. Barrie’s first choice for the name of the fairy in his play?
a)      Tinker Bell
b)     Shiny Bottom
c)      Little Fairy
d)     Elmira
10.  What is the name of J.M. Barrie’s dog in the play?
a)      Benji
b)     Sammy
c)      Porthos
d)     Doggy

Q1 Answer: b) Mary

Q2 Answer: c) In the park

Q3 Answer: a) Peter

Q4 Answer: d) Charles Frohman

Q5 Answer: a) Sylvia’s  mother– Mrs. Du Maurier

Q6 Answer: a) True

Q7 Answer: b) His adventures with the boys

Q8 Answer: c) David

Q9 Answer: b) Shiny Bottom

Q10 Answer: c) Porthos


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