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Jason Bishop: Expert in Leaving People Stunned

State Theatre New Jersey is opening its fall season in a mind-bending fashion as the theater welcomes Jason Bishop to the stage. A renowned magician and illusionist, Bishop is set to perform his show, Jason Bishop: Straight Up Magic, in the historic New Brunswick venue on September 22

Jason Bishop has been fascinated by the wonders of magic since he was a little boy. He took his passion for magic and performing with him to Kutztown University, where he studied theater. Although Bishop did not earn his degree, he decided to take his act on the road, and it’s only been a whirlwind of opportunity from there, earning him international awards and recognition. 

Bishop has stunned audiences from all over the world. Not only has he toured all 50 states in America, but he has also visited over 30 countries to perform his magnificent magic tricks. Some popular spots Bishop has performed in include China, Paris, and Hollywood.  

Jason Bishop is able to stun his audiences through impressive magic tricks and illusions that he performs on stage. One of his most popular tricks is the disappearing dog: where Bishop places his tiny puppy in a gray, steel box. As Bishop takes the box apart one piece at a time, the audience comes to realize that the dog has vanished from the box. But how? The mystery keeps audience members on their toes wanting more. 

An illusion that makes people gasp is Bishop’s ability to make a human being float in mid-air. He places his assistant, Kim Hess, onto an ordinary table, and within seconds, she is being lifted without any touch. Audiences are amazed when they see Hess floating effortlessly in the air through Bishop’s magic powers. Miraculously, Hess is gently pulled down from the air and back onto the table without any harm.  

Other tricks Bishop has up his sleeve include flying playing cards like helicopters, solving a Rubik’s Cube with just a toss in the air, and transporting an animated goldfish stuck in an iTouch to an actual, real-life fish found in Bishop’s fist, all of which leave audience members of all ages stunned. Bishop is also known to sometimes ask for audience members to join him on stage to participate in his tricks and illusions. 

Be sure to see extraordinary tricks like these and more at Jason Bishop: Straight Up Magic at State Theatre New Jersey on September 22. Bishop has a morning show at 11am, and a matinee performance at 2pm. Bring your family and friends because not only are you guaranteed amazement, but you may just be asked to join the show!  

By Kerriann Ring

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