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How Well Do You Know Jersey Boys?

Get ready to sing your heart out with the cast of Jersey Boys at State Theatre New Jersey. The show makes its way to New Brunswick on December 3-4.  Want to test your knowledge of this exciting musical? Take the quiz below! (Answers are at the bottom)
1. Which of these names did The Four Seasons use before making it big?
a)    The Four Tenors
b)    The Four Rays
c)    The Four Lovers
d)    The Four Felons
2. How many awards did Jersey Boys win at the 2006 Tony®  Awards?
a)    1
b)    2
c)    3
d)    4 

3. Jersey Boys opened on Broadway on what night?
a)    October 5, 2005
b)    November 6, 2005
c)    January 6, 2006
d)    February 5, 2006

4. Complete the lyric: “Oh what a night!...”
a)    Though I didn’t even know her name.
b)    Back then when I was young.
c)    Late December back in ’63. 
d)    Swinging 60s baby here I come.

5. The Four Seasons identified with this ethnic heritage?
a)    British
b)    French
c)    Spanish
d)    Italian

6. Where did The Four Seasons get their name?
a)    A bowling alley
b)    A restaurant
c)    Vivaldi
d)    Frankie Valli’s mother

7. The Four Seasons toured with this girl group (they are featured in the show).
a)    The Chiffons
b)    The Angels
c)    The Marvelettes
d)    The Shirelles

8. “Ces Soirées-La!” is the French version of what Four Seasons song?
a)    "Walk Like a Man"
b)    "Dawn"
c)    "Beggin’"
d)    "Oh, What a Night"

9. In the show, what was the name of Frankie Valli’s first wife?
a)    Lorraine Agostino
b)    Mary Delgado
c)    Frankie Nolan
d)    Maria Lombardo

10. At the end of Jersey Boys, who is Tommy DeVito working for?
a)    Frankie Valli
b)    Bob Gaudio
c)    Gyp DeCarlo
d)    Joe Pesci

11. How many Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons songs are in Jersey Boys?
a)    5
b)    12
c)    19
d)    32

12. Which of the following is not a Four Seasons song?
a)    “Bye, Bye Baby”
b)    “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”
c)    “Opus 17 (Don’t You Worry ‘Bout Me)”
d)    “Rag Doll”

13. Who wrote Jersey Boys?
a)    Bob Gaudio & Frankie Valli
b)    Tommy DeVito & Joe Pesci
c)    Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice
d)    John Kander & Fred Ebb

14. Frankie Valli was born with what name?
a)    Francis Castelluccio
b)    Frank Valli
c)    Frankie Vally
d)    Tommy Castelluccio

15. What kind of car does Nick want Bob to purchase?
a)    Buick
b)    Cadillac
c)    Chevy
d)    Ford

16. What is the name of the actress in the million dollar movie Tennessee's Partner who inspired Bob Gaudio to write “Big Girls Don’t Cry”?
a)    Evelyn Keyes
b)    Claudette Colbert
c)    Maureen O’Hara
d)    Rhonda Fleming
Q1 Answer: c) The Four Lovers
Q2 Answer: d) 4
Q3 Answer: b) November 6, 2005
Q4 Answer: c) Late December back in ’63.
Q5 Answer: d) Italian
Q6 Answer: a) A bowling alley
Q7 Answer: b) The Angels
Q8 Answer: d) Oh, What a Night
Q9 Answer: b) Mary Delgado
Q10 Answer: d) Joe Pesci
Q11 Answer: c) 19
Q12 Answer: b) “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”
Q13 Answer: c) Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice
Q14 Answer: a) Francis Castelluccio
Q15 Answer: b) Cadillac
Q16 Answer: d) Rhonda Fleming


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