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A Prehistoric Spectacular—Dinosaur World Live!

Take a trip to discover a prehistoric world with Dinosaur World Live! Meet and interact with astonishing and lifelike dinosaurs on March 15, 2020 at State Theatre New Jersey!

In Dinosaur World Live, the audience follows a young explorer who grew up on an island full of dinosaurs. Now, she introduces these dinosaurs to the audience, sharing facts all about them for an entertaining and educational show for everyone.

In the show, the audience will meet dinosaurs like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Giraffatitan, and Segnosaurus. How does Dinosaur World Live manage to bring these extinct prehistoric creatures to life? Puppetry! Puppet maker Max Humphries designed the dinosaurs for this show. Humphries, who has worked with groups like Cirque du Soleil, said he had a secret weapon for designing these dinosaurs—his dad was a paleontological book artist for years! 

Each of the puppets in the show can make movements like blinking and opening their mouths. And all of those movements are powered by people–no electronics to be seen. So the most important part is to make sure the puppets are light enough so the puppeteers can actually handle them throughout the course of a show. The dinosaurs have “skeletons” made out of metal. Then comes a “muscle” layer of lightweight foam and finally, the “skin” which is either cloth or treated fur for feathers. 

Dinosaur World Live offers more than just realistic dinosaurs. It is also an educational experience for children! As each dinosaur is introduced, the audience will hear facts about them. Children will get to learn about dinosaurs like the T-Rex that they probably already are familiar with, as well as more obscure ones like the Microraptor. The show also features audience interaction.

Meet these dinosaurs and learn all about them in Dinosaur World Live at State Theatre on Sunday, March 15, 2020 at 11am and 3pm!

By Veronica Flesher

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