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How to have a Broadway-themed Halloween!

For some, Halloween may be seen as the time to break out the witch's broom or fake fangs, but for Broadway lovers, it's the perfect excuse to dress up as your favorite musical character! And why string up cobwebs when you can roll out the red carpet? Whether you're celebrating with younger kids or you're someone who likes to keep the scares to a minimum, a Broadway-themed Halloween party is the perfect way to have all of the treats with none of the tricks. 

Transform yourself into your favorite Broadway star with these super simple and easy costumes:

Dear Evan Hansen 

What you’ll need: A blue striped polo, khakis, sneakers, a backpack, and a DIY cast.
To make the cast: You can either use bandage wrap, or for a super last minute DIY simply cut an old white bed sheet into a long strip, or use toilet paper. Write ‘CONNOR’ on the cast in all capitals with a black marker.

Dear Evan Hansen

Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors

What you’ll need: A button-down, a sweater vest, khakis, glasses, and a potted plant.
For the potted plant: For a super simple ‘Audrey 2’ use any potted plant and tape ‘feed me’ on the front. For a more detailed look, check out this Easy Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors DIY.



What you’ll need: Dress pants with rolled cuffs, any shirt/vest combination, dress socks, dress shoes, black eyeshadow for fake dirt, any rolled-up newspaper, and most importantly the iconic newsies cap!


Phantom of the Opera

What you’ll need: A black suit (preferably a three-piece), a white button-down, black dress shoes, and a DIY mask.
For the mask: for an easy look, use white face paint! For a more detailed look, check out this DIY Phantom of The Opera Mask Tutorial.

Phantom of the Opera


What you’ll need: Any combination of black clothing! Some things to amp up your look are fishnet stockings, black heels/character shoes, and a red handkerchief for when you proclaim “not guilty."
If you have short hair, go for a Velma look! If you have longer hair, check out this 1920's hair tutorial that will give you Roxie’s faux bob.



What you’ll need: A blue dress is way more important than a waitress's uniform! Any blue dress, a white waist apron, and a nametag. Some fun props to include would be baking supplies or a pen and a notepad.


Elphaba from Wicked

What you’ll need: A black dress, black gloves, black tights, a witch's broom, and a witches hat.
Check out this Elphaba Makeup Tutorial for a complete look!  


Little Red from Into the Woods

What you’ll need: any dark-colored dress, a basket with bread (or empty for candy), some combat boots, tights, and of course the iconic red cape.
For an easy cape DIY, cut two arm holes into a red blanket or sheet. 

Into the Woods

Another way to incorporate some Broadway magic into your Halloween celebration is with these Broadway-themed treats!

Try these Brownie Dirt Puddings, which will fit in perfectly with all your other Halloween treats—not to mention they are delicious!


If you didn't see our earlier post about these delicious (and creepy) Little Shop of Horrors Cupcakes, check them out now! These easy to make treats will wow the crowd at any Halloween party! 

Little Shop of Horrors Cupcakes

These easy costumes and fun treats should turn any Halloween party into a Broadway Premiere! Whether you go full Broadway ready or stick with the ghosts and ghouls, we hope you have a safe, healthy, and fun holiday season!

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