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Donor Listings

Donor Listing

State Theatre New Jersey gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have generously made a gift in support of the critical Next Stage Campaign.


Middlesex County

$5,000,000 - $9,999,999

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

$1,000,000 - $4,999,999

Joan and Robert Campbell

Johnson & Johnson
Robert Wood Johnson 1962 Charitable Trust


$250,000 - $999,000

Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation
Andrew J. Markey


$100,000 - $249,999

Sharon Karmazin / The Star-Ledger
The Presser Foundation
John Ben Snow Memorial Trust

$50,000 - $99,999

Steve and Susan Darien
Steve DeMicco and Jeanne Fox
Scott and Barbra Fergang
Doug and Diane Garback
Craig J. and Nancy E. Guiffre
John and Susan Heldrich Family Fund
The Hornor Family
Hyde and Watson Foundation
Investors Bank
Kosloski Family Foundation
The Leist Family
George Link, Jr. Charitable Trust,
     in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Catanzaro
Lance and Donna Miyamoto
New Jersey Cultural Trust
Salvatore and Bunny Romano
Jack and Donna Walcott

$25,000 - $49,999

Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation
Christine and Benjamin Bucca, Jr.
Andy Chen and Heidi Mass
Russell and Stephanie Deyo
E & G Foundation,
     in memory of George and Edith DeVoe
Roger and Rebecca Fine
John and Jeanne Fitzgerald
MagyarBank Charitable Foundation
Ed and Lidia Moragas
Ken and Jenny Osterman
John A. and Margaret Post Foundation
Robin Suydam and Paul Corkery
Wendy Wiebalk and Steve Cahn

$10,000 - $24,999

Ann and Lou Asbaty,
     in memory of Efrem B. Dlugacz
James E. and Diane W. Burke Foundation
Mike and Meredith Bzdak
Paul and Sarah K. Chaplin
Jun and Lisa Choi
Kevin and Patricia Cummings
Alice DeVoe and John Szabo
Rob and Nadine DiLeo
Victor and Diana Fortkiewicz
Midge Golin
E. J. Grassmann Trust
Thomas and Annette Griffoul
Judd and Carol Hamlin
Eileen Harkins
Bill Herman
I.B.E.W. Union Local 456
Charles and Ruth Larsson
Harold I. and Faye B. Liss Foundation
The Curtis W. McGraw Foundation
Message + Media, Inc.
Robert E. Mortensen
New Jersey Resources
Susan K. Perger,
     in memory of Ruth Van Houten Perger
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Sinko
Bob and Ellen Smith
Peter and Maggie Stavrianidis
The Stolzer Family Foundation
Scott Sweeney,
     in memory of Efrem B. Dlugacz
Matt and Tracy Taylor
Union Foundation
Robert N. Wilson

$5,000 - $9,999

Brian and Lauren Agnew
Isa and Michael Beck
Berkowitz Family Fund
Hiam Boraie and Chris McDonald
Campbell Family Foundation,
      in memory of Efrem B. Dlugacz
Cornell Charitable Fund,
     in memory of Joan Bamford and Joan Cornell
Luis De La Hoz and Marcela Giraldo Estrada
Rob and Nadine DiLeo
Victor and Mary DiMartino
Joseph V. Egan
    in memory of Yolanda L. Egan
Gorrie Family Foundation
Robert and Wanda Hope
Ann and John Kosco
John and Daina Lucs
Lester & Grace Maslow Foundation
Farryn and Gary Melton
Liliane and Tony Nader
NJM Insurance Group
Harry and Caroline Pozycki
Marion & Norman Tanzman Charitable Foundation
Scott Weiner and Beth Siegel
Melanie Willoughby

$2,500 - $4,999

Barbara G. Baier
Carole J. Banfield
Gil Blitz and Tali Mendelberg
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Deborah and Saul Curtis
John and Maureen Harrison
Christian and Christine Jensen
Marylu Korkuch
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Masi
Metuchen Savings Bank
Carlo and Michele Pascetta

$1,000 - $2,499

Salvatore and Karen Abbruzzese
Mark and Frankie Busch
Mayor Jim Cahill
Lynne and Peter J. Campbell
Andrea and John Cunnell
Benjamin and Marie Del Vento
Jean Demko-Buchman
Etta R. Denk
John R. East-Hall, Jr.,
     in memory of Waymon L. Hall-East, Jr.
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP/Stephen B. Genzer, Esq.
Mindy and Martin Golden
Carolyn and Dave Horn,
     in memory of Efrem B. Dlugacz
Mary Ellen Kaulius
Perry and Debra Koplik
David and Renee Lewis
Joseph M. Light and James C. Kershner
Andrew and Pamela Lovasz
Magyar Bank
Richard and Joan McCormick
Daniel and Jean McDonnell
Sherard and Naomi Murphy
Jonathan and Pam Nemeth
Paul Novembre
Arnold Rabson and Barbara Barnett
Theresa Ragozine
Patricia Shanley and Christopher Barr
Jack and Julie Sykes
John and Christine Whitman
Jeff and Judith Winik
Doug Woelfel and Don Amorosi
Joseph and Kristine Yelencsics

$100 - $999

Eileen M. Anderson
Jon and Kristina Ansari
Benjamin and Erika Arenger
William and Nancy Beachell
Bank of America
Anne K. Berry
Michael and Donna Bower
Brandeis National Committee Tri-County Chapter
Neil J. Casey
Tony Chen
Ida Ciemniecki
Philip Coco
Michelle and Russel Conklin
Ryan and Margaret Cristelli
Dr. Carol C. Cronheim
In Memory of George Cunningham, 1920s STNJ Vaudevillian
David Degen
Chris Dennison
K. Dupuis and Family
Matt and Diane Feldman
Stanley Fessant and Adrienne Eaton
Shirley Fisher
Barbara A. Fisk,
     in memory of Paul A. Fisk
Danielle Fleming
Lorna Gabby
Henry and Ann Godette
Lisa M. Grankowski
Michael and Gwendolyn Greenberg
Margaret Grove,
     in memory of Ralph and Barbara Voorhees
Emir Halepovic
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Hoagland
Eileen Holden
George and Ellen Horowitz
Kelly E. Horzempa
David and Jan Houtman
Frank B. Hundley and Cynthia Jones-Hundley
Michael and Catherine Isnardi
Alexander E. Jodidio
Patricia Jones
Ilana Keller
Heather Kibel
Alan and Robin Kimmelman
Ravikanth Kolla and Rani Angel
Joseph Kuronyi
Martin and Audrey Lepelstat
Howard Levine
Rosario Licciardello
Jonathan and Maxine Lurie
Jessica E. Lynch
Gordon and Blair MacInnes
The Mandalakis Family
Wendy Miller
Anthony Monaco and Anna Lascurain
Al and Beth Montemurro
David Neal
Ostrowitz & Ostrowitz, Esqs.
Diane Palmer
Marcia and Rory Parness,
     in memory of Efrem B. Dlugacz
George and Cheryl Pedersen
Mr. and Mrs. Morton A. Plawner,
     in memory of  Efrem B. Dlugacz
Carole L. Poller
Patricia and Vernon Ralph
Cindy Rauch
Rawlf and Janett Rawlins
Diana Richter
Hon. Alberto Rivas
Miguel A. Saez
Lana and Elliot Sambol
John Seramba
Frederick and Kristen Sharp
Carol Struck Smith
Rona Solberg
Jennifer and Michael Steele
Lora Tremayne
Susan Uhl
Linda Ann Van Derveer,
     in honor of Clara Van Derveer
May Van Norman
The Virkkula Family
Kathleen Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weiss & Family
Allan and Joanne Williams
Eileen Woodbury
Pat Zappone
Anonymous (3)

Please note that every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of these listings, which are current of April 20, 2021. State Theatre New Jersey is also grateful to the generous donors who contributed less than $100 in support of the Next Stage Campaign. Thank you!


Middlesex County Freeholders

(Clockwise from Left) Commissioner Director Ronald Rios, Commissioner Shanti Narra, State Theatre New Jersey President & CEO Sarah K. Chaplin, Commissioner Charles Kenny, Commissioner Deputy Director Kenneth Armwood, former Commissioner Blanquita Valenti and Itzhak Perlman in the green room following Mr. Perlman’s stunning 2019 performance. © Jeffrey Auger


Sarah Chaplin, Robert Wood johnson Foundation, and Howard Levine

State Theatre New Jersey President & CEO Sarah K. Chaplin (L) and Executive Vice President of Marketing and Development Howard Levine (R) giving a backstage tour to Michelle Larkin and Marco Navarro of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in February 2020.


Michael Sneed

Michael Sneed, Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs & Chief Communication Officer at Johnson & Johnson speaking in the newly refurbished State Theatre New Jersey Studio in February 2020. © Jeffrey Auger


Ken and Jenny Osterman and Andy Markey

Next Stage Campaign donors Ken and Jenny Osterman with Campaign Co-Chair Andy Markey at State Theatre New Jersey’s 2019 Classical Season Celebration. © Jeffrey Auger


The Dariens, Jeanne Fox and Steve DeMicco

Next Stage Campaign donors Susan and Steve Darien with Campaign Committee members Jeanne Fox and Steve DeMicco at the 2017 State Theatre New Jersey gala.  © Jeffrey Auger


Sal and Bunny Romano

The Next Stage Campaign's very first donors, Sal and Bunny Romano, at the 2019 President's Council Dinner. © Jeffrey Auger


Andy Chen and Sarah Chaplin

Broadway Series subscriber and early Next Stage Campaign donor Andrew Chen with State Theatre New Jersey President & CEO Sarah K. Chaplin in the Boraie Donor Lounge in 2018 prior to a performance of the musical “Something Rotten.” © Jeffrey Auger




Header: Architectural rendering of State Theatre New Jersey multi-purpose Studio courtesy of Mills + Schnoering Architects, LLC & Design Distill


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