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Renovations TOUR

Go inside our historic renovations of the theater and see what it looked liked as it was being renovated with this 360˚ online tour!  Virtually walk around the stage, auditorium, studio, lobbies and more to get an inside look at the renovations that took place throughout the building. Special thanks to Brunswick Branding.

Stage and Auditorium 360 Tour

Stage & Auditorium


Downstair Lobby 360 Tour

Downstairs Lobby


2nd Floor Lobby 360 Tour

Second Floor Lobby & Studio


Balcony and Auditorium 360 Tour

Balcony & Auditorium


Renovation PHOTOS & Timeline

An empty lobby stripped of carpet and filled with construction equipment


Replacement of carpets, refreshing the look and feel of the theater and accentuating its Art Deco period design.

  • Inner Main Lobby and Mezzanine Lobby: April 14–July 13, 2021
  • Outer Lobby: April 5–June 3, 2021

The alley beside the theater where the new elevator tower will be


Addition of an elevator tower and elevator with access to all levels of the theater and of ample size to move a piano to and from The Studio.

  • April 9–August 6, 2021

Cinder block walls with a long mirror and plumbing on the left.


Complete renovation of all restrooms, including addition of touchless fixtures. New Family Restrooms to be added on all levels, along with Donor Lounge restrooms.

  • 1st Floor Women’s Restroom: April 2–June 30, 2021
  • 1st Floor Men’s, Women’s, and Family Restrooms: April 9–July 1, 2021
  • Mezzanine Restroom and Family Restrooms: April 30–August 10, 2021

A large room with windows and tables scattered around construction equipment.


New 150 capacity multi-purpose space for intimate programming, family shows, and special events.

  • June 17–July 6, 2021

The main auditorium stripped of seating.

Main Auditorium

New seats throughout, including the addition of 16 wheelchair and 12 transfer seats. Wheelchair and companion seating will be in the front, center and rear of the orchestra and also in the loge. Transfer seats will be throughout the orchestra on the aisles.

  • Seat Removal: November 10–Dec 31, 2020
  • Wheelchair Platform Installation: May 14–May 27, 2021
  • Seat Installation: June 16–June 29, 2021

The grid above the stage of the State Theatre.


Replacement of old manual hemp rope and sandbag rigging with motorized rigging system.

  • Stage Rigging Support Steel: April 27–May 24, 2021
  • Rigging Installation: May 25–August 17, 2021

Emptied donor lounge with walls and carpets stripped.

Donor LOunge

Relocation of Donor Lounge increasing its size, doubling its capacity, and the addition of new restrooms.

  • June 17–August 4, 2021

Rendering of new State Theatre blade marquee.


Installation of a 30’ x 9’ vertical LED blade sign above the marquee.

  • June 1–August 3­­­, 2021


Schedule subject to change.

Follow the construction progress through our Online Photo Gallery »

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