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Contributions enable the non-profit State Theatre New Jersey to present an incredible array of performances and educational programs to inspire and delight our diverse community—from Broadway to comedy, family events to concerts, orchestras to dance, and beyond. With the support of our generous donors we can continue to create extraordinary performing arts experiences that last a lifetime!

State Theatre New Jersey, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is deeply grateful to the many individuals that gave to our Annual Giving Program. Below we recognize those that gave $100 or more from 12/1/19-12/1/20.


Visionary Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Campbell
Theresa Ragozine



Andrew J. Markey
Margrit McCrane
Todd A. Shamy and Joey Grinkley
Donna and Jack Walcott



Mr. and Mrs. Omar Boraie
Campbell Family Foundation
Russell and Stephanie Deyo
John and Jeanne Fitzgerald


Friend of State Theatre
Doug and Diane Garback
     ~The Garback Agency
Ms. Eileen Harkins
Sharon Karmazin


The Luckhowec Family
Farryn Melton



Robert and Jane Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Bucca, Jr.
Stephan DeMicco and Jeanne M. Fox
Mary Ellen Dundon


Judd and Carol Hamlin
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hartnett
Carolyn and Dave Horn
Richard and Larisa Leist


Joseph Light and Jim Kershner
Patrick and Mary Ellen Morris
Kenneth G. and Jennifer J. Osterman
Ms. Robin E. Suydam
     and Mr. Paul Corkery


Carole J. Banfield
Bryan Baugh
Hiam Boraie and Chris McDonald
Andrew Chen and Heidi Mass
Saul and Deborah Curtis
E & G Foundation,
     in memory of George W.
     & Edith H. DeVoe

Mr. Fidel Garcia
Thomas and Annette Griffoul


Nancy and Craig Guiffre
James A. and Elizabeth E. Hance
Bill Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Korbel
Len Littman
Andrew and Pamela Lovasz
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan L. MacMillan
Dr. David and Margaret McIntyre


Carlo and Michele Pascetta
Linda A. Piscadlo
Felipe and Debbie Rodriguez
Salvatore J. and Bernice A. Romano
Rona Solberg
Wendy Wiebalk and Steve Cahn


Don Amorosi and Doug Woelfel
Gil Blitz and Tali Mendelberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bolanowski
Benjamin and Marie Del Vento
Alice A. DeVoe and John Szabo
Robert and Lily Erwin
Scott and Barbra Fergang
Barbara A. Fisk
Steve and Ann Garvey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Harkins
Christian and Christine Jensen
Perry and Debra Koplik
Marylu Korkuch


Ann and John Kosco
Jordan  Krantz
Charles and Ruth Larsson
Gabriel and Jacqueline Lavigne
Howard and Cheryl Malitz
Mannix Family Supermarkets
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Masi
Todd and Dana Mayo
Mary Papamarkou
Rita Paszamant
Dr. and Mrs. Rabson
Frank Rubin and Daughters,
     in loving memory of wife
     & mother Gail Rubin


Janie and George Schildge
Gregory and Kimberly Seaman
Jennifer Shimek
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Sinko
Anne Spychala Family
     Charitable Foundation
Peter and Maggie Stavrianidis
Art Stevens
Dr. William Terens
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Tuttle
P. Ashley Wackym, MD
     and Jeremy M. Wackym
Joseph and Kristine Yelencsics



Paul Ashley
Brother International Corporation
Robert J. Ciatto
James and Joan Corbett
Etta Rudolf Denk
Mike and Kate Downey
Assemblyman and Mrs. Joseph V. Egan
William and Constance Fortenbaugh
Franklin Mutual Insurance


Don and Kelly Gallagher
Susan Goodin
Ms. Ruth J. Crawford
     and Ms. Michelle Gorda
Fran and Richard Habib
Jean and Claude Heller
Nick and Michele Lombardi
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McDonnell
MDRT Foundation
Doris and Dennis O'Dea


Richard A. Patt MD
John and Tricia Petrolino
Semple Bixel Associates
Timothy and Karin Shanahan
Somerset Savings Bank


Barbara Baier,
     in memory of Ralph and
     Barbara Voorhees

William and Nancy Beachell
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bradley II
Mrs. Jean A. Demko-Buchman,
     in memory of George Buchman
Richard A. Catanese
John Conlan
Richard Cooke
Maria Dasilva
Thomas De Luca
Oleg and Anna Dulin
Exceptional Dentistry—Staten Island
Bob and Lynn Fazen
James Feeney
Russell and Jill Gilkeson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Gorrie
Rebecca Greenbaum
Ms. Margaret Grove, in memory of Ralph and Barbara Voorhees
Kenneth Hammond


Todd Harvey
Juanita M. Hawkins
Peter Hentz
George and Ellen Horowitz
Cynthia Jankech
Mary Ellen Kaulius
Wayne and Debi Klokis
Ravikanth Kolla and Rani Angel
Kumar & Kumar MD LLC
Gregg Lipman
John and Daina Lucs
Dr. Barry H. Lustig
Stephanie and Richard Logan
Richard and Joan McCormick
Edward McNamara
Carmen and Beth Nastus
Jonathan and Pam Nemeth
New Jersey Bankers Association
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Nissenblatt
Mark and Pamela Poole
Scott and Karen Reidenberg


Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Roth
Saint Peter's Healthcare System
Dr. Peter J. Schroeck and
     Dr. Alexander E. Pichugin
Drs. Anthony and Rosanne Scriffignano
Mary Sidorski
Matthew Stroh and
     Christine Clayton-Stroh
Thomas and Deborah Terracino
Gerald Thompson
Angelo J. and Rosalind Valetutto
Linda Van Derveer
May Van Norman
Dan Vickery and Carolyn Myers
Camille Walker
Allan and Bonnie Warton
Seth Webber
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffry Zavotsky


Anonymous (4)
Jim Aleski and Karen Miller
Geraldine Anglum Downing
Dean Barolia
Isa and Michael Beck
Arthur and Barbara Bergman
Adelaide Brenner
Mark and Frankie Busch
Cabanas Family
Audrey E. Carmeli
Kawana Carr
Laura A. Cisar and Robin Gowin
Peter and Nancy Cornell
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Cristelli
Gregory and Terriann DiLalo
Allan Ellis, in memory of Sandi Ellis
William and Patricia Foster
The Freed Family
Paul Goldman
Marcy Goldstein
Michael and Toby Gorlick
Hugh and Kendall Hall,
     in honor of Glenis Redmond
Matthew Hoffmann
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Isnardi


Fred and Loretta Keimel
Leslie Klieger
Joyce Kosa
Christopher Koster and Mary R. Smith
Bernardette S. Larsen
Karen Lester
Renee and David Lewis
Deborah MacDougall
Robin and Richard Marko
Jeannette Mastria
Roberto Silva Moreira
     and Mark McMahon
Stanley Mendelson,
     in memory of Isabelle Mendelson
Laura Merz
Maria Micale
Donna Marie Monek
Michael and Diane Moskal
Naomi Nierenberg
Eileen Opitz
Glenn and Judy Parker
Jacob Persily
Evelyn Petercsak
Elizabeth Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Post


Ann and Robert Rafano
Wilfredo and Maria Rivera
Linda Romagnano
The Rothschild Foundation
Michael and Laurie Saks
Edward Scheuer, in honor of Lynn Hernandez
Vanessa and Stacy Sciorra
Frederick and Kristen Sharp
Rachel A. Silverstein
Irving and Claire Sinai
Renee Sreenivasam
Michael and Jennifer Steele
Maureen Sullivan
Julia Temple
Rein and Carol Uibopuu
UFCW Local 464A
Kathryn Welgoss
Whole Foods Market
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Widmayer
Dean Wilson
Phyllis Zarko


Anonymous (5)
Gail and Jeffrey Aaron
Larry and Beatrice Abrams
Cabanas Family
Carol Adelman
Reggie Alexander
Phillip and Margaret Altamore
Tom and Marie Andreano
Ellen Angebranndt
Ellen Ayoub
Patricia Bagamary
Pamela Barr
Stephanie and Ed Bartz
Natalie Bazaral
Kimberly Beckerman
Ellen M. Bednarz
Margaret Bernhardt
Patricia Bernstein
Dr. Donald B. Bershtein
Charles A. Billy
Victoria Bixel
Patricia Blake
Susan Boguszewicz
Barbara Boland
Elena Bolshtyansky
Joanne Bothe
William and Karen Boyajian
Jeannette Boyle
Anna Breytman
Jan and Gary Broder
Harvey Brodsky
Warren Brooks and Jeanette Alexander
Tim and Susan Brown
Mark Budzyn
Joseph and Christina Bulman
Leonard and Tamara Busch
Jon Caparotta
Carolyn Caputi
Kathleen Carbery
Sheila Carnevale
Daniel Carsello
May Chen
Richard Chibbaro and Joseph Farina
Denise Ciccone Slickers
Melanie Cobb
Hon. and Mrs. Brad Cohen
Francesca Comer
Ahmed Cooper-Bey
Kimberly Cowan
Ellen and Cliff Cramer
Marie A. Curtis
Kristine Dalrymple
Anna Davies
Theresa Demonte
D’Maris and Joe Dempsey
Anna Derose
Robert and Linda Dour
Mary Early Zald
Egenton Family
Rachel Elkin
Ed Emmer & Tyson Foods
Debbie Essen
Min Fan
Julie and Armando Faria
Kerry Farrell
Lenore Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. John Fischer
Shirley Fisher
James and Diana Flaherty
Vicki Fleiss,
     in memory of Lita Dior
Roger Flynn
Cooper Ford
Peter Forester
Bonnie and Sheldon Freidenreich
Jeffrey Fritze
Antonino and Claudia Fusaro
Indranil Ganguly
Michelle Genieczko
Gary Gerold
Karen Giacobbe
Craig and Eileen Glaser
Dr. Stanislav Glezer
Carolyn Glodek
Anthony Gosselin
Gwendolyn and Michael Greenberg
Kyle Grossi
Mrs. Kristine Hansen
John T. and Maureen Harrison


Rick Hearin
Candacia A. Hebda
Ed Heck and Gerrie Misiewicz
Lucille C. Heller
James Heller
Ildiko Henni-Jones
Deborah Henry
Jim Hoblitzell
David and Jan Houtman
Karen Hoyberg
Margaret Huang
Mark Hudson
Veronica Hurless
Alexander Ingham
Masayori Inouye
InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center
Benjamin Jahre
Alexander Jodidio
Karen Johnston
Tom and Demetrios Kalanekos
Joan Kaplan
Kapraszewski Family
Eric Kassay
Ainis and Elizabeth Kellijs
Timothy Kenny
Thomas Kerekes
George Kiraz
Yakov Kleyman
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Kline
Carl and Elaine Kling
Helene and Robert Knee
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Kover
Cynthia Kozak
Earl and Pamela Krause
Cherilyn Krumins-Beens
Alison Kugler
Theresa Kurzius
Suling Lai
The Landis Family
James Laskey
Andrew Lear
Dollister Lee
Clifford Lipman
Amy Livingston
Edward Livingston
Tim and MaryBeth LiVolsi
Kristen Lloyd
Judith Long
Diane Louis
Christopher Lowry
Ron Lubowicki
Patricia Luthy
Mr. and Mrs. P Lynch
Nancy Magee,
     in honor of Ray Dobrovolsky
Maria T. Maisano
Toni Makowski
Margaret Marcinko
Keira Marcus
Carol Marek
John Marhevka
Thomas and Mary Marhevka
Joy Marini
Eileen Marzalik
Mike Mayer and
     Stephanie Cayne Meiskin
Elisabeth McCormick
Robert McEwan
Doug and Pat McKenzie
Debra Meckbach
Kate Meseroll
Middlesex County Building
     & Construction Trades Council
Jane Miller
Sky Blue Fan#5
Karen Moffat
Amy Molinaro
Arde Montasser
Carol Moorhead
Peggy Morgan
Betty Muldowney
Florina Muntean
Debra Nappi
Reem Nasr
Ammunje Nayak
Jan Nelson
Dorothy Nordmeyer
Paul Novembre
Patrick O'Grady III
Brian O'Neill
Rudi Ann Payan
Diane Palmer
Hugh Park


Patricia Parlow
Gloria Pauker
Mary Persico
Robert and Ann Pfister
Carmen Pizzuto
Doreen Pustizzi
Christopher and Helen Quinn
John Radey
John Rand
Jo Ann and Tony Razzano
Tracy and Nancy Regan
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Richards
Sylvia Rosario
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ross
Ruth Ross
Nancy Rurkowski
Jamal Saad
David and Frumet Sachs
Carol Salas
Susan Sawyer
Joseph Scaturro
Susan M. Day Schilp, Esq.
Beatrice Schmidt
Ronald and Nina Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Schmutter
David Schoenberg
William Schroeder
Ken and Jodi Schuchardt
Madeline Schulman
Michele Senko
Sanford and Judith Share,
     in honor of Steve and Susan Darien
Mary T. Sheil
John Siegel
Michelle Silver
Dr. Francine E. Sinofsky
Mary A. and Sal Sisto
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sleppin
Gail Smith
Eugene and Kathleen Soucek
Virginia Spencer
Stage Left
Craig Stoltz
Barbara J. Stone
Beverly Swart
Haley Swartz
Mark and Susan Tanner
Steven Taub
James M. Teal
Deborah Terppe
Betty Thompson
Sandra Thomson
Gary and Helene Tinkel
Betsy Toland
Bonnie Topf
Jason Truet
Amanda Uniman
Blanquita B. Valenti
Felisa Van Liew
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Vang
Joseph Vazquez
Ann Walsh
Lorraine Walsh
William Weber
Geri and Rick Weitz
Eric and Suzanne Westberg
John and Harriet Worobey
Bridget Yako
Gabriel and Donna Yandoli
Paul Zager
Jaclyn Zera
Carolyn Zimmer
Judith Zone
The Zych Family

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