The performing arts community is one of inclusion and must share the diversity of stories, voices, ideas, and inspiration that represent our diverse world.

State Theatre New Jersey’s mission is to present the finest national and international performing artists, to provide arts education programs to build future arts audiences, and to provide a venue for the development of a life-long association with the arts. At its core, this distills down to access and inclusion. State Theatre strives to make the arts available, accessible, and inclusive—for ALL.

State Theatre New Jersey chooses:

  • To be conscious in our choices of stories and storytellers to include the multiple voices, viewpoints, abilities, and beliefs of our community.
  • To acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the differences in our community and in the world.
  • To recognize the biases and privilege that are inherent in our organization, our industry, and our world and to actively seek to dismantle them.
  • To provide uplifting, inspiring, and entertaining arts experiences for ALL.
  • To make the arts accessible for ALL.