Always Buy From Official Ticket Sources

State Theatre New Jersey is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing you quality arts, entertainment, and education programs at affordable prices. We highly recommend that you purchase from our official ticket sources for the best seats, best service, and best price.

Buying Tickets From Unregulated Sources Brings More Than You Bargained For, Such As:

  • Inflated costs
  • Counterfeit tickets
  • Seat assignments sold to others
  • No replacement of lost or stolen tickets

And There’s More...

  • State Theatre is unable to forward useful information, like pre-show reminders, scheduling changes and cancellations, traffic alerts, or upcoming performance announcements.
  • You are not supporting a nonprofit organization.
  • You are contributing to a practice that makes it harder for fans to see their favorite artists without paying a premium.

Tickets From Unauthorized Sources & Ticket Brokers

State Theatre New Jersey tickets are a revocable license to attend the event listed on the front of the ticket. Such license may be revoked without refund for noncompliance with terms. If you purchase tickets to an event from an unauthorized source, you do so at your own risk. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be invalid, lost, stolen, or counterfeit and if so are void. STNJ values customers’ privacy and security, and will not access records nor reprint tickets for anyone who cannot be verified as the original ticket buyer. Patrons holding fraudulent tickets will not be admitted into the theater. Tickets cannot be reprinted without valid photo identification of the original ticket buyer.

Should it come to State Theatre New Jersey's attention that a ticket purchaser is a ticket broker, all current and future orders as well as any credits for exchanges from previous orders may be cancelled without notice or justification of action. State Theatre New Jersey reserves the right to deny admission to any person with a ticket obtained in violation of these terms.

State Theatre New Jersey highly recommends that you only purchase genuine tickets directly through State Theatre or the endorsed ticket sources listed below. When your tickets are legit, you can count on the best in seating, service, and pricing.

Tickets for State Theatre performances are offered occasionally at these approved sites:

  • Goldstar
  • Groupon
  • TodayTix
  • TDF